Morgenspaziergang (I-VI/6)

Walk through nature in the age of digital culture raises questions about the uniqueness of our experience and the possibility of communicating that experience. The distance we have towards our surroundings, no matter if it was urban or natural space, is being emphasized by digital images, of different qualities mediated through internet.

Morgenspaziergang drawing consists of six pieces, India ink on paper, dimensions (6) x 100 x 60 cm. Title of the work refers to a song from the B side of the album Autobahn, by German electronic band Kraftwerk.

The drawings represent a structure generated by repeating a rendered sample of a detail of a found digital image of a forest. Repetitive structure, and further, repeating drawings arranged in space allow a possibility of a “walk through nature”, simultaneously questioning the nature and uniqueness of a drawing as such.