Gold Bars

Gold bars is a wall drawing, executed on a wall of a public primary school in Majdanpek, as a part of a program of Sound and visions festival in 2012.

Majdanpek is a town in eastern Serbia, famous for it’s mining history. Although copper mining is the primary activity of the area, Majdanpek was publicly known primarily for its state owned company “Zlatara Majdanpek” (Jewelry Store Majdanpek). The company was, after its very successful period during socialist Yugoslavia, privatized and offered for sale in 2010. due to allover collapse of the state.

Gold bars drawing was executed in golden acrylic paint, conceived as a hollow grid, designed by repeating a gold bar shaped sample, 45,5 x 22,5 x 17 cm, based on the dimensions of the currently largest gold bar in the world.