Death To Everyone

Since the Yugoslav Wars in the last decade of the XX century, up to recent local conflicts of football fans or political fractions, the phenomenon of identity constructed on hatred and negation of others has become common in what is nowadays Serbia. The targeted groups are marked on the basis of their national, religious, sexual or political orientation.

At the Belgrade stadium of FC “Red Star”, a graffiti recently appeared, appropriately, in red, reading “Death to everyone”.

The occurrence of this graffiti, which targets everyone as the other (not excluding the authors of the graffiti), presents a totally extreme vision of a world in which one’s own identity is dispersed in the negation of all that exists. Graffiti by their nature do not have a long life and are often painted over or removed.

The work “Death to everyone” consists of six drawings, India ink on tracing paper, dimensions 6 x 100 x 70 cm. The drawings were executed by tracing all the letters of the graffiti on site on May 6, 2014. Tracing is a common technique used for documenting the traces of found visual material.

Belgrade, May 2014